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StarWars:World First Person Multiplayer Shooter based on StarWars !!


Play the most authentic Indie Multiplayer Shooter. In Star Wars' World, play as the StormTroopers(Recon) or DarkTroopers(Delta). Choose your class , Assault/Recon/Support/Engineer

Each with its own Unique Weapon.

Lead your team to Victory!

Player Limit in the server is 100, so if you cant join the game than wait for atleast 1 person to SignOut.

*Created By Meheraj Maruf Productions subgroup of LAI MASSIVE;

*Networking Server powered by Photon Networking Free;

*LAI may retire Online features and Services after 30 days notice Posted on http://laimassive.weebly.com/ ;

*Important Consumer Information: This GAME: Requires acceptance of LAI's Privacy & Cookie Policy, TOS and EULA;

Install instructions

Simply Extract the Files and Open the .exe file , Login with any username you want, create/Join a room


StarWars World.rar (89 MB)


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This game is the worst game that i ever played

i ried really hard to like this but i couldnt


It's not on windows so whats the point.


This game is sooo shit...


what is this