A downloadable asset pack for Windows

A UFC Style Fighting system for Unity 2017. An advanced fighting system powered with Puppet Master Physics using Kubold's Fighting Animations. This system allows the players to use Direction Attack Modifiers just like it is seen in the UFC games. Different states of movements like Dodge,Perry,Punch,Kick. All moves are modified using the movement keys.The Asset will also Come with an AI system to fight Against.The AI will be able to do everything that the player can do. It will come with its set of instructions.

All the features that will be included:
-Directional Modified Combat System
-Implemented AI system to battle Against or With.
-Implemented Multiplayer System ( Photon Network ). In Development
-Advanced Sound System ( Combat , Gasp , Impacts ).
-Foot Step system ( With Sound and Particles ). In Development
-360 Camera movement targeting the players.
-Stamina System.
-Health System.
-UI System
-Main Menu
-Demo Scene

To Order , email meherajmaruf@gmail.com and learn more about the project before you purchase. Payment transaction only via Paypal.

Price :
$50 (Offline Version)
$100 (Online Version)

Install instructions

1.) Download the file
2.) Extract it to your preferred destination
3.) Open "MFS.exe"
4.) Start by playing the practice mode first
5.) Play the match against the AI
6.) To Order the asset you can email me : meherajmaruf@gmail.com


MFS | Preview Build for Public 103 MB