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Master Sword System

A complete Third Person Hack 'N Slash controller based on many Hack 'N Slash titles.The main idea here is to provide you with a Rich Combat Experience.Doing Light attacks or Heavy attacks to get your way with the AIs or even other players. Dodging or Blocking any incoming attack to keep your last breath away. Stability is the key, balancing your stamina to get the best out of the battle.This is a game best suited for games like Dark Souls / Mount and Blade / Assassins Creed / Shadow of Mordor.

"The Character models will be included in the asset but cannot be used commercially"

All the features that will be included:
- Light Attack, Heavy Attack , Dodge , Block , Sprint , walk .
- Implemented AI system to battle Against or With.
- Implemented Multiplayer System ( Photon Network ).
- Advanced Sound System ( Combat , Gasp , Impacts ).
- Foot Step system ( With Sound and Particles ).
- Camera Side Switch.
- Stamina System.
- Health System.

To Order , email meherajmaruf@gmail.com and learn more about the project before you purchase. Payment transaction only via Paypal.

Price : $60

PublisherM7 Production
Tags3D, Hack and Slash, Multiplayer, sword
Average sessionA few minutes
MultiplayerServer-based networked multiplayer

Install instructions

1.) Download the file
2.) Extract it to your preferred destination
3.) Open "MSS.exe"
4.) To Order the asset you can email me : meherajmaruf@gmail.com


Master Sword System [Multiplayer Version] 52 MB
Master Sword System [AI VS AI Version] 53 MB
Master Sword System [VS AI Version] 53 MB